Helping GMC Owners EVERYWHERE!

Applied GMC is a full service facility equipped with a welding area, vehicle lift, parts supply and a cleanroom for assembling andrepairing engines. We operate with a full garage and office staff and are available 10 hrs. per day, 6 days a week. We have a large lot for BMCs. We have contracts with many RV, electrical, and suspension specialists along with a Northern California towing company. We maintain the largest inventory west of the Mississippi.

Jim Kanomata, founder of Applied GMC, has a background in engineering. His experience with The Ford Motor Company and his penchant for drag racing has given him an immense quantity of knowledge and commercial experience. He purchased his first GMC in 1980 and has owned a '78 and a '77, logging over 700,000 miles! Jim is a current member of the 49ers (joined 1982), Pacific Cruisers (joined 2005), Great Lakes (joined 2004), GMC International (joined 1983), GMC Western States (joined 1996) and FMCA (joined 1982).

After years of performing several types of modifications to the GMC motor in order to improve power and milage, we have found that a lower gear ratio provides the most improvement and is also cost efficient. Our final drive gears have become well accepted by major GMC shops including Alex Sirum GMC, Cooperative Motor Works, Buskirk-Rush RV, and MGM-GMC. After selling our quality final drive units at rallies, etc. we were often requested to also install these units. When people noticed we had engines and other parts they coaxed us into installing these too.

.Applied GMC is a division of Applied Air Filters. This financial link allowed us the ability to build ourselves up from being just a "hobby shop" to invest in new products and specialists more so than our competitors. We have been able to pick up the pieces where others have left off. When a product is conceived we invest in designers, engineers and manufacturers to aid us with development and construction.